Discover the Best Lake Photos Facebook Groups

If you enjoy looking at photos of lakes, you should know that there are some wonderful Facebook groups (and Facebook pages) which are filled with gorgeous pictures of these serene waterways. In fact, there are too many “lake photos” Facebook groups to mention here today, due to space constraints! To help you find the best lake photos while you’re using the world’s most popular social media platform (Facebook currently has over two billion active monthly users!), we’ve found two great Facebook groups. We’ve also found Facebook pages for three of the world’s most scenic lakes.


Join One of These Groups Today

What about a Facebook group for the Lake District? England’s Lake District is also known as “Lakeland” and it’s a mountainous area in the North West part of England. As well as glorious lakes, this district is home to plenty of wildlife, including red squirrels and red deer. Right now, the Lake District Chat and Photography Group has over four thousand members and ten posts per day are added, plenty of which include photos of lakes. Bear in mind photos of other local attractions and non-lake vistas may also be added.

Another option is the Utah Lake Photography Club. It has less members, but this isn’t important as some larger pages have been known to use methods to get free likes. With that thought in mind this group publishes around ten new posts per day. This Facebook Group is the social media home of the Utah Lake Photo Club and it’s been sponsored by Utah’s Lake Commission. There are gorgeous photos of lakes posted here which are set to public, so anyone can enjoy them, whether they join the group of not.


Facebook Pages To Check Out

In our opinion, Lake Como Explore, Jasper Park Canada and Dove Lake (State Park, Tasmania) are the three Facebook pages with the most impressive lake photos. While these aren’t official groups, you’ll be able to leave feedback by making comments on the photos or commenting on other posted content. Lake Como is in Italy and it’s considered to be one of the most beautiful lakes on this planet. Jasper Park is in Alberta, Canada and it’s the home of picturesque Maligne Lake. The State Park in Tasmania is home to gorgeous Dove Lake.


How to Find More Groups

If you want to find more groups, just add the lake name that you prefer to Facebook’s internal search engine and search for groups. Some may be photography groups and others may be tourist-oriented. All should feature some inspiring photos.


How Many Lakes Does the UK Currently Have?

The total count for UK lakes of more than five hectares in size is three hundred and eighty-seven (source britain visitor). A single hectare equates to around two and a half acres. Some of the larger lakes are utilized as reservoirs. Examples of famous lakes in the United Kingdom include Loch Lomond (in Scotland), Bala Lake in Wales and Windermere in England.

Naturally, these three lakes just scratch the surface, as there are hundreds more. To help you learn about UK lakes, we’d like to share some facts about the three well-known lakes that we’ve already mentioned. This is probably the best way to help you gain a deeper understanding of the scenic waterways of the United Kingdom.


Discover the Magic of Loch Lomond

Lake LomondThis lake is located in the south of Scotland. It’s a feature of the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park. Around the lake, there are dramatic highlands where deer frolic. Tourists and townies alike use the cycle paths and foot paths around Loch Lomond in order to get some fresh air and exercise. When they do, they are treated to splendid views of the lake Loch Lomond measures thirty-nine kilometers.


Bala Lake is a Welsh Jewel

Bala LakeThis pretty lake is also known as Llyn Tegid and it’s situated within Gwynedd, Wales. The level of this lake was raised in order to create more support for waters from the Ellesmore Canal. Bala Lake measures 3.7 miles in length and half a mile in width. It’s known for being subject to serious and sudden floods. The River Dee, which runs through both Wales and England, flows through Bala Lake. At the northeastern tip of the lake, you’ll find the town of Bala, as well as a narrow-gauge railway with a three-mile span.


Windermere is a Stunning English Lake

WindermereThis lake is part of the Lake District National Park in Cumbria. It’s bordered by villages and mountains. One charming village which is right near the lake is Bowness-on-Windermere. This village is home to an attraction which honors the Beatrix Potter books and their author. Towards the north, trails go towards Orrest Head. Orrest Head is a hill and it offers amazing views of fells and lakes in the distance, as well as a gorgeous view of Holehird Gardens.


Why Not Visit Some UK Lakes?

If you want to visit some UK lakes, up close and personal, you may want to start with the Lake District. As its name suggests, it’s the home of so many beautiful lakes.


Come and Explore Cambridge

Didn’t visit the Cambridge yet, well there are too many reasons to come to Cambridge and explore the beaut of its lakes, Steeped in history and tradition, Cambridge boasts a myriad of world-class attractions to visit the city and have fun.

Here is a graphical representation of the Cambridge and the top reasons for you to visit the beautiful city.